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Interest rates for the third calendar quarter - 14-JUN-18

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) announced today the prescribed annual interest rates that will apply to any amounts owed to the CRA and to any amounts owed by the CRA to individuals and corporations.

Government of Canada responds to the Report of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts on Canada Revenue Agency call centres - 13-JUN-18
Canadians expect and deserve a fair and user-friendly tax system—one that gives them clear, accurate and timely information.

Government of Canada offers taxpayer relief to Canadians affected by flooding - 24-MAY-18
The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) understands that natural disasters cause hardship for Canadians whose primary concerns in such times are for their families, homes and communities.

The Canada Revenue Agency updates audit results relating to the real estate sector in British Columbia and Ontario - 17-MAY-18
The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is committed to maintaining the fairness of Canada’s tax system by addressing non-compliance in real estate transactions.

Canada to host the 52nd General Assembly of the Inter-American Center of Tax Administrations - 11-MAY-18
The Government of Canada has made improving the services it offers Canadians a priority for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) so that all Canadians feel like valued clients and not just taxpayers.

Protect your records from weather emergencies - 09-MAY-18

Emergency Preparedness Week [May 6-12, 2018] is the ideal time to take a proactive stance.

So you’ve filed your 2017 tax return, now what? - 01-MAY-18

After you file your 2017 return, there are a few more things you can do.

Correct your taxes with the Voluntary Disclosures Program - 01-MAY-18

The Voluntary Disclosures Program (VDP) gives you a second chance to change a tax return you previously filed or to file a return that you should have filed.

Service improvements are benefiting millions of Canadians this tax season - 27-APR-18
The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is committed to improving its services to help Canadians file their income tax and benefit return and receive the benefits and credits they are entitled to in a timely and efficient manner.

How to make a payment to the Canada Revenue Agency - 25-APR-18

There are many ways you can make a payment to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

Are you self-employed? Know your tax obligations - 25-APR-18

As a self-employed person, you and your spouse or common-law partner have until midnight on Friday, June 15, 2018, to file your 2017 income tax and benefit returns.

Flipping houses or condos? Know your tax obligations! - 23-APR-18

Property flipping is when individuals, including real estate agents, buy and resell homes in a short period of time for a profit.

Remember, the deadline to file most returns is April 30 - 18-APR-18

Most Canadian income tax and benefit returns for 2017 are due on April 30, 2018. If you have a balance owing, the total amount is also due by that date.

Last-minute tax-filing tips - 13-APR-18

The deadline to file your 2017 tax return is April 30, 2018. If you or your spouse or common-law partner are self-employed, you have until June 15 to file your 2017 tax return. But if you owe taxes, you still have to pay the full amount no later than April 30 to avoid interest charges.

Has your marital status changed? - 06-APR-18

Did you know that your marital status can affect your taxes and the amount of benefit and credit payments you are eligible to get? It is important to tell the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) about any changes in your marital status before you do your taxes to make sure you get the right payments.